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May 1, 2012

Wonderland Ladies

I've been wanting to do a Wonderland set for quite awhile. My original idea was to do all the characters as pretty ladies, but I decided to stop at the ones who are actually female.

The Queen was the first to be drawn and really the testing subject for the set. I knew I wanted to do portraits similar to the one I did for The Nearsighted Owl, but take it a step farther with more detail and textures. Alice was next and is my favorite (just look at Chesh's face!) I knew I wanted her looking dainty. Duchess I had the most trouble with. She is described as the most hideous woman ever. I didn't want that, though. I wanted her pretty, but unique. I wanted features not typically associated with "beautiful" faces. I just hope I did a good job!


  1. I love the Queen's hair. These are so pretty!

    1. Her hair was very fun to do, though the dark color does hide some of the detail. Thank you!

  2. They all turned out so great, I especially like alice. :]